My Hardware Plumbing Lightsaber


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I am used to making lightsabers from solid aluminum parts, so this is my first low budget lightsaber build. I did it this weekend so figured I would post a few photos.

This is kind of a hybrid lightsaber. I made it look like different parts from different Star Wars characters.

Everything was purchased from a local hardware store except the activator (middle top of the lightsaber) and the copper button that was purchased online for .60 cents. I made the emitter out of a large .40 cent washer and a aluminum sleeve that was less than 1 dollar is attached to the top. The body was made from a 12" chrome plumbing tube that was $6.50. I bought two 12" steel bars and cut them with a hacksaw for the grips.

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Tan Djarka

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Cool. A very clean, straightforward design.

The only thing I would do, if I may be so bold as to suggest it, is to add an activation "band" under the box. Basically take a pice of aluminum flashing, which should match the tone on the aluminum box, cut it the same the width as the box is long and long enough to wrap around the main tube. The ends of the aluminum flashing would be hidden under the activation box. Basically it would break up the length of the saber, giving it a more Graflex-like appearance (if that's what you were shooting for).


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^ good suggestion :)

All in all, very good looking saber, I love your belt clip ring and the emitter.

and yes, if you ever wanted to improve on it, something to break up the saber, either near the box or emitter would look great as well.

Nice job!


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Thanks! Some good advice. I was considering adding the arrows and button on the activator box like Luke's. I will probably do that this week. And I like the idea of a band around the center, I may see what I can do about that too.