My growing prop collection


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I've been working on my collection for a few years now and I'm always adding new items. Most of what's in my collection is scratch built.

Full size 3D printed baby Groot I finished.

Mal's gun from Firefly - 3D print.

SE-14R blaster - scratch build with a couple 3D printed parts.

E-11B Blaster - modified Rubies with 3D printed parts

ICAT Commander kit - 850 Armor Works and scratch built elements.

Collection of Star Wars trophies (scratch built Rebels rank badge, chance cube and Mando chest diamond) resin Rancor tooth.

Custom Westar 35 blaster

Full suit of Mandalorian Armor - 100% scratch build minus flightsuit, boots and gloves

Scratch built Imperial Super Commando helmet

Modified Black Series Kylo helmet

Scratch built Mando helmet

OOM-10 Battle Droid\

Dead tooth fairy from Hellboy 2 - hand sculpted