my gears of war lancer


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made this horde killer out of wood (hollow inside so pretty light )....I modeled it off different versions of the gun I liked most...its not totally accurate but I had fun making it ( jig saw, sandpaper, rattle paint )
still need to age a bit more and still searching for fresh thick blood splatter....any suggestions ??

( can't seem to load a high quality pic so details/clarity can't be seen.)

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Well-Known Member dont do it justice...wanted to post better pics , and build up pics but they are all more then 1 meg pics...and it wont except/ load them...I guess I need to figure out how to compress pics on here ??


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Very nice indeed, Buckettt, always pleased to see a GOW item and good to see a different take on the lancer.

Accuracy isn't everything, enjoying what you are building is the biggest prize.
How long did it take you from start to finish?


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I usually only had a chance to work on it during my lunch break in my van which has an inverter for the jig saw, and the rest was done with an xacto knife....Probably about 20 hours....only because once I finished one side I realized I didn't make any templates for the other side!

Ki Djowac

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Excellent work indeed and nice detailing. :thumbsup
It could indeed use some more weathering, bloodspatter, etc... but then again this looks like a 'factory version' to me so it works either way :cool
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