My Freddy Krueger costume


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I have been working on this a while trying to get it all together for next Halloween. I volunteer at the haunted house at my daughters' elementary school every year. I always loved Freddy and thought it would be cool to dress up as him when I work it next year. Now that it's all together, it might be a little TOO SCARY for an elementary We'll see how it goes next year, and if I get banned from working it ever The Torched 2 silicone mask and left hand are both from Darkride Studios. Who I believe makes THE BEST Freddy masks around. I got my glove from and it is the Boiler Room Creation model with mirror blades upgrade. The hat is an Indiana Jones replica fedora from Dorfman Pacific, that I removed the band off of. I got the sweater from Hot Topic, and I am getting dark brown Dickies pants to complete it. I am also using some old work black leather work shoes I had. Let me know what ya'll think.


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