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Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by ralphee, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. ralphee

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    Hey guys, almost done with the paint on the top of this bird, then next on to the weathering and streaking, im painting all the hull markings and not goin to code on the paint, im takin ref from both props as i just prefer the paint on the 5 footer, ill get to work on the bottom hull and sides soon, just wanted to get painting as i was in the mood lol, hope you like.
  2. sapper36

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    Looking sweet, I may have to start on mine one of these days - Almost makes not having room for a MR Falcon bearable...
  3. Less than Super Ostrich

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  4. Tony

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    Constructive Criticism alert..

    Great work, but before you go too far you gotta ease up a bit on the peeling paint effects on those gray panels. Some of the chipping effects on those gray panels look too evenly spread. It's lost the effect of peeling paint. Less is more.
  5. ralphee

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    Thanks people, and Tony i welcome the criticism, its my first time using this method of paint peel with salt and water, come to think this is the first falcon ive ever painted lol, but i do agree i went a little nuts lol, ill tone it down.
  6. binkleywalker

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    That looks great. I'll be the first in this thread to ask the $64,000 question:

    What did you use for your base color? It looks just right. (everyone i see is different and they all look right.)

  7. ralphee

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    The base color was a pig but i got as close as i could, i shot matt black as a base, then misted a mix of tamiya sky grey/buff/deck tan. After that i mixed tamiya dark yellow to white, and shot that over the grey, it gave a subtle preshade.
    Im happy with the color it does give a dirty yellow so depicted in dymerskis excellent work, and in some shots looks grey, so i got the best of both worlds. Its my first go with some techniques im using, but im doing ok i guess.
  8. PHArchivist

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    Agreed on the paint chips, particularly on the gray panels. Also, if you're going to re-paint the gray, it looks (at least to me) too rich, or dark... But that may be the lighting conditions of the images.
  9. ckwanwoo

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    Good job.
  10. R2B9

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    The salt technique is so effective, isn't it? Another one you may want to try is rubber cement-- apply little dabs with a fine brush then spray the area with your paint. When paint dries, pick off the rubber cement bumps. Voila, chipped paint. Of course, it is very true, less is more. The neat thing about the rubber cement is that you can tightly control what you want to appear chipped. You are definitely well on your way to a beautiful replica.

    I'm getting this burning FMMF envy. I'm going to have to buy one at Wonderfest in Louisville, if I can wait that long.

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