my first try in costume making (Gargoyles Goliath Costume)


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inspired by this thread

i want to try to make my own gargoyles goliath costume.
i started with the fullheadmask. i want to make the face more realistic but looking like in the cartoons.
this ist my second try in sculpting in clay.
the body i want to make out of foam like dalenous, but i want it looking like the sculpture of Eddy Yang.








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new update
10.jpg 11.jpg
this try: the look is to old and to angry
12.jpg 13.jpg 14.jpg
i thing this is it, the forehead is bigger an the ears longer. the whole look is near to the cartoon, i think. now i want to try the skin texture an the best position holes for the horns.
after that: the casting, i'm so nervous about that.


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it's been a while since i started this, this is how it looks like.
i'm not sure if i'm happy with it, but i get closer.
the body will be made out of foam, with digitigrade stilts.but there is a long way to go.

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