my first thread: Smallville kryponite key


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I love all the works presented here, the last days i browsed the forum for hours and hours! So here is my first "replica". A note; i will never be a perfectionist, i'm more the prototyper.

As a birthday gift for a friend i wanted to make a replica of the kryptonite key. I was researching some good pics to start in Inkscape and found some I later found here again (i think its a screen used replica of some user?). I started to create my first font, the kryptonian one, cause I couldn't find one till then.. meanwhile i contacted some bigger lasercutting and engraving providers, but the prices were over the top (about 140 Euros for two). But luckily another friend of mine told me about a local copy shop with a laser cutter, after a short mail he set the price at 10 Euros... woot.

Haters beware; I chosed red "kryptonite" because he's a passionate guy and with the font i wrote down his name on it. There was room for three keys on the a5 sheet, i went with "Barcode", "davedarko" and "Christophe" and some other stuff i was surprised it would also fit on it.

I filled the engraving with some titanium white acryl.

In comparison;

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Very nice. Welcome to the board.

Hey Chris, at first I thought you said "poop", especially looking at your avatar. ;)


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@MattMunson right now I am working on a "Vincent Malloy" Mask (Tim Burton) for Halloween but I'm out of schedule :( there are so many things I have to do for the first time and the mask is cracking and... well it should be ready for the next^^

And thanks to all.
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