My First Sonic Screwdriver


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After an extremely lucky scavenger hunt through bins of old hardware, I have begun my first Sonic Screwdriver - my own custom design. By no means screen accurate, this thing is my own creation of strange odds and ends.



This is only a WIP photo set. I am planning on making the tip look like the folding sections on the 11th Doctor's sonic.


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needs a light. but yeah you did get lucky to find something so cool. it also has kind of a light saber look to it. but where the bottom kinda fatter than the top it reminds me of the 3rd and 4th Doctors as well. which ive always liked. but the new ones with lights make it hard to look back.


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If you do decide to add a light, I have a couple of neat LED holders. They serve many purposes in the prop world but would look great for a sonic screwdriver.

Some of my holders:


And a couple lit up (poor pic quality):



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Yep. The springs move and the "claws" retract. But no lights yet... sadly. :)

And I've taken those long thumbscrews out since these pictures were taken so it looks slimmer.
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