My first set of movie gear, but hopefully not the last.


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Hi everyone, I came here from Club Obi Wan to join the fun because everyone over there talks about how awesome the RPF is. Im strictly an Indygear head, however I have a few military impressions as well. Well had, all I have now is a very basic Wehrmacht winter kit. Fun stuff. Well thanks for letting me hang around a bit. The girlfriend and I are Disney World Junkies. We can't ever get enough of the place. Here are some pictures from Halloween 2013. I started my Indygear quest officially in Jan 2013. Thanks to everyone at COW for helping me find stuff. Hope to get into some Aliens Colonial Marine type gear soon.

Overweight, 90 degrees, and 90% humidity DO NOT go with a leather jacket. Disney World is GREAT at Halloween though.

Girlfriend is also into the costuming stuff, here she is as Marion from the Streets of Cairo scene in Raiders.