My First sculpt. TDK Heath Ledger Joker (Pic Heavy)

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    This is my first try at sculpting something....
    The TDK Joker
    Started with a standard life cast, Did not think it was worth starting from scratch
    as I have not much time to put into such a long project as a beginner.........

    Modifying the lift cast with clay and painting white then adding more as I go.. Mouth ,cheeks scar and forehead all modified..
    Eye sockets cut and shaped......
    sculpt2.jpg sulpting1.jpg sculpt3.jpg

    Added some eyes (not the right color) to help when molding......

    Ready for molding....
    mold1.jpg Two coats of silicone and resin outer case.. mold2.jpg

    First Pull in my tested mix of Easyflo and Mica powder...
    first pull.jpg
    Flesh First coat of color flesh base.jpg Next first white coat.... first white.jpg Oh yeh Full head Test on bust head look.jpg

    Eyes now done
    paint2.jpg Close Up..... eyes1.jpg Brown glass eyes added and blood shot and tears.....

    Now the Mouth... this is just a quick paint job will do another and put more finesse into the mouth area.....
    work so far.jpg more paint.jpg last.jpg IMG_20150413_053125_edit.jpg Pretty pleased with it seeing how quick it took to paint The mouth needs a bit of tweeking....

    Will probably do a full head as I have the full costume and the nurses set to go with it .......With different expressions....

    ​Hope you like it........

    A bit more tweeking the paint forhead and mouth
    IMG_20150413_165711.jpg Whoops sideways picture
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  2. toxicvenom

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    A little bit more paint.....leaving it now before I ruin it.........

    lastpaint.jpg lastpaint3.jpg
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    I can't be the first guy to comment on this post, am I? This thing looks awesome!!!
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    Looks so good! You are nailing it!

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