My First Predator Build, EVA foam WIP (Pic Heavy)

Small update, Plasma Caster Mounted to backpack. Still need to cover bolt head. I think the only thing I have left are the feet!!! Oh and after wearing all of this for about 30 minutes its hot....which I expected. i'm working on installing mesh pockets on the internal of the suit where i can slide in freezer packs. Stay tuned for that.

LEDs installed into helmet with wiring down to a switch on the bomb gauntlet.
First Con complete. Spent 2 hours walking the floor Friday as a test fit. Then spent 6 hours in the suit on Saturday. It got hot!!! Having water, a fan in the helmet, and a handler are a must! least for me. There were staging rooms at the con for the cosplay contest that were so hot, it felt better leaving the helmet on with the fan on my face rather than taking it off. Here are a few photos, all in all everything held up quite well. Some of the paint came off under the armor, most likely from rubbing.

I took 2nd place in the cosplay contest journeyman class! First was a cool Sauron costume, picture below.

Also I will add be prepared to take tons of photos with people, I had people lining up while I was still putting the suit on for photos. Friday while I had it on for 2 hours, I only walked around the conventions perimeter once and it was a bit bigger than a football field I was stopped for probably 200 photos in that time.

028308DB-111A-4215-A5D5-78F1D76F3104.JPG 05BDB71B-26AA-4AC0-85C1-204B7D52F653.JPG 7CCDA8EE-5F93-464D-A59E-A8F59B5B907E.JPG 6B0C2238-4FE2-42F0-9A7D-C84E6D5A0E95.JPG EAF1F2E6-F0A4-4314-BDA8-95732AEF5B0D.JPG
Thanks guys, I think I look better as well. But you lose points if you didn't make everything even though I finished the latex feet, head, and helmet I lost some points...but it was a lot of fun!

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