My first Lightsaber, a ANH Obi Wan


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First i need to mention that i´m a blaster guy ..... so, if you saber guys see something substandard, please don´t hesitate to chime in and let me know.

Like many others i started with the parts of Russ last run, and a Armitage Shanks handwheel


The grenade got a good coat of sturdy stove paint, and when dry to touch but not really hardened, i kicked it along the street for some time. That way it got dents and scratches where the paint was hit. Then a good treatment with a steelbrush, to get the loose paint of.


I didn´t ordered one of Russ cones for the emitter, as i didn´t liked the idea of gluing loose metal parts. Instead of that i made a alu one on my lathe. Slighly oversized, then pressed together with a big professional vise. I added a ring of ventholes and a taper, and on the threaded bar in it´s center i machined something that should look like a emitter for the beam. I think it looks interesting that way.


And that´s how a M10 threaded rod holds the parts together. It´s frontend is secured with industrial Locktite in the emitter, and the short end that comes out of the nut will be later used for screwing it in the mounting adapter.


Now this part could be screwed together with the grenade, and the front was done.

Next part was a cap to connect the booster to the AS handwheel. It was lathed from Delrin, and pressed on the boosters threading



Originally the handwheel had a slight taper at it´s inner side, so i lathed it parallel to get a slide fit with the cap on the booster


And it worked like a charm



Here we are


Now it´s time to start the innards (mainly from the piece Delrin in the back). :)
I know there are several mounting adapters out there .... but i wanted something unique, so i made my own.

I wanted this part on the boosters end in the Graflex clamp


And as i had none, i made my own.

First i made a workpiece on the lathe, then i put it on the mill for the details. First the hex.


And after that the ring with the holes.

Followed by some serious beating with my prefered weathering tool - a small 250 gramm hammer



Followed by these 2 parts



They are for the inner part of the booster


The alu part got M10 threading in both ends, and i turned a bolts hex-head down


It will screw through the handwheel into the alu part and fasten it to the booster


I wasn´t really sure if the booster ring would be visible ...... but .... it is :D


At least a little bit. In my book that´s enough to justify the extra work. :confused

Oh, and between other steps i drilled the handwheels cube


And the main adapter was slotted on the mill for the little "ears" inside the Graflex clamp, and later the nuts from the transistors.


Next work was to turn a step on the other end that fits inside the grenade, and drill and tap it to match the M10 rod of the pre-assembled frontpart.
Don't forget to grind the weld on the booster. And you could have beat that grenade up double.

Looking good so far.


First i want to get the buildup done, then i need to do some homework and check what small details need to be done.

As you can see on my emitter-cone (and on all my blasters, too) i use sometime artistic steps wherever i think the propguys did a sloppy work. Too often they have overdone the used look - Boba Fetts rifle looks as if it was stored for 10 years in Bantha poo, and i don´t believe a lonely jedi in his hermitage has no time to care for the piece he formerly used to mention as "your lightsaber is your life". In fact i passed on a 120€ original grenade cause it was to coroded for my taste.

As a former soldier i have a certain view on the way how someone cares for the thing that might save his live. It will get a used look, but not as crappy as the propguys made it. ;)
"Start from screen accurate, and then make it better, believable, as a real world item."
I'm in the middle of putting one of these together myself - STRONG WORK!!

Thanks. :)

I know - i ordered one of the alu-boosters cause he offered no steel .... before i get my hands on a steel one. Now i have no longer use for the alu-one, which was only a number two choice for me, until i found a steel one (which happened faster than i thought).

And i passed the cone when i learned "you have to glue it to the emitter". :eek I already hated that i had to trick the 2 loose emitter parts to hold to each other.
Now the fun part - assembling everything. :)

This are the involved parts


Pre-assembling the frontpart


Screwing the booster disc to the adapter


And the alu coupling


Sliding on the Delrin spacer


And the booster


Followed by the handwheel


I turned the inside a little bit on the lathe to get more space for the bolt

Fasten the parts with the made bolt


Put on the Graflex clamp


And inserted the assembled parts in the grenade


And screwed the parts together

Finally i got this



I´m satisfied, everything is sturdy and massive.

Next part is learning the finer details of parts (as the welded spot James mentioned), assembling, and the weathering.

Need to find the correct D-ring, too - and to make/find some transistors. Any help/tips is highly appreciated. :)

But offcourse there is also a sad part. :cry

As i had no clamp for it, i needed to use this one


I need to find another Graflex clamp, it might be beaten more than the one i used, to enable me to put this one back where it belongs.

Many thanks to everyone who was so patient to read down to this post. I hope i didn´t wasted your time. But i warned you, i´m more a blaster guy. ;)
Wow, your just rolling out the projects aren't you..Your making this look too easy! :lol

One of my all time favorite sabers. Just another one of Russ's pommels and some calc bubbles and I'll be finishing up my Obi saber project as well.

Nice work so far Michael!

Wow, your just rolling out the projects aren't you..Your making this look too easy! :lol

One of my all time favorite sabers. Just another one of Russ's pommels and some calc bubbles and I'll be finishing up my Obi saber project as well.

Nice work so far Michael!


Thanks, Carson. :)

It took me a good part of the last 2 days free time. For sure it helps to have the machines in the basement instead of waiting for other people to do something.

I needed some time out from any blasters. ;)
Looks good. One thing I do on my OWK saber builds. I use a carriage bolt to hold the pommel onto the booster, kinda like you have. However, I machine off the round end of the carriage bolt, which leaves a nice square end that fits perfectly snug into the star shaped opening in the AS handwheel.
Since lightsaber's blade is hot, I think you should char the inside of the emitter abit(hopefully alot =) )

Other than that, stellar. As usual, your stuff is awesome.

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