My first costume : Daft Punk need some help on the finishing touches

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    Hello I'm a noob here
    Well let get this out of the way.

    I started this project as a joke with my friend. We were going the wear a pair of daft punk helmets to prom. So we ordered raw casts of the different helmets off of etsy, a mouth in advance. Well the guy said 3 to 4 weeks to get it done, but came through in 5 weeks. So needless to say we didn't get a chance to do it. So we have been trying to get these done for a while, our lives have gotten in the the way.
    Anyway I ran in to some problems with the gloves and paint. oh and I'm on a budget.
    Here's some pictures of it when I got it and what the guy sent me:

    So I used a Dremel and work some of the ruff edges off and cut out the nose vents:
    And I primed it:
    So this is where I have questions
    I drilled hole on the inside of the ears so I could put magnets in them. this was to attach them to the main helmet, and still allow me to take them off. I plan to put strips of metal in side the ear hole thing. The removal is so I can put batteries and such in later.
    I'm not sure if this will work or not. Help?

    I have padding cut for it. Its not glue in yet I was waiting after I'm don't painting it.
    I am not sure how to color the pieces black so they will blend with the inside stealth like. I was thinking ink? Any suggestions?
    Then I get to the paint itself. I wasn't sure if this will create a good color. I would like to chrome it but I have little money.
    Then we come to the gloves.
    I have this material that I'm not sure how it will work with the paint and if it will work at all. Note: same paint as above.
    Oh those are the gloves I am using.
    I wasn't sure if there are any other materials that will work in this application.

    Note: I have a visor for the inside of the hole I will be cutting for it. I'm waiting till after the last coat of paint. I plan to leave about 3/8 in. left around the outer edge of the visor opening to glue it in. oh and that's just dust on it.

    Well that was a lot. um if you can help please do.
    Oh and I am not going for the whole jacket and LED set up till way in the future. So I guess this is casual Daft Punk.
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    I saw there were no updates to your post. The build looks good so far. I just started a Guy Manuel Helmet Myself.

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