My first costume build - Female Thor


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Hey all,

I've never really posted on here and I've had a nosey through everyone else's threads and it's fantastic to see what everyone can make when they put their mind to it!

At one of my local conventions last September, I decided to give myself a year to try and fully craft an entire costume by myself. It will be a challenge - considering I have never done anything like this before. From sewing, to working with thermoplastics and constructing wearable items with foam. I've always been a pencil and paper kinda gal.

But yeh... I stress the fact that none of this is anywhere near amazing and we all have to start somewhere :)

I'll continue to post my pictures of what I have done thus far, below you will find what I have done so far.

All progress is currently being uploaded on my facebook at the following album link

10407964_10154674708100057_221728751938747446_n.jpg 10660295_10154678006260057_4601032832098316845_n.jpg 10606190_10154679946435057_4597099985982180706_n.jpg 10345756_10154684554325057_7759680081805403872_n.jpg

10635777_10154749763815057_4766472183076961882_n.jpg 11001785_10155202137565057_3664182944613391259_n.jpg

10522637_10154793618985057_2554722700057963533_n.jpg 10896236_10155067963005057_1644739607752962888_o.jpg 10926398_10155071691140057_1375576261500465452_n.jpg

Picture 18.jpg Picture 20.jpg
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