My first costume build: Destiny Hunter w/ Crota's End raid gear


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Hello, all!
I've been lurking therpf for quite some time now since I became interested in building costumes. I can't thank the community enough for the tips, tools and how-to's you all have put out in the world.

Well, I absolutely love Destiny. Have been following it since they released the idea publicly in 2012 so I decided to make my own Hunter suit for the upcoming Phoenix Comicon May 28th-31st. I wanted to challenge myself with something i haven't seen done yet, which is why i chose the Crota armor. (and it just looks really cool anyway). I started the build in January and have been slowly chipping away with whatever free time I have had, but I'm finally posting the build for you all to see!

So I went ahead and got some EVA floor mats from Lowe's to do this in. Everything you'll see is hand drawn, no templates, no pepakura, just hand drawn from reference.
It definitely was a lot harder than I anticipated. From the start, It's been one heck of a learning experience and countless hours of trial and error. Mostly error. Haha

Hopefully when it's all said and done, it'll look similar to this.
176639_854735921234933_3674672454406430532_o.jpg 11121761_854735897901602_2883644783312517764_o.jpg

Here's the chest/back armor along with the shoulder bells I made out of the foam, glue and acrylic caulking.

I used a dremel and some heavy grit sandpaper to grind out the organic looking textures.
The chest plate was really tough to do and i ended up remaking it because i got a little too crazy with the hot glue and ended up making a huge mess and the second attempt was better.
. 11138584_854733644568494_1005196403666514769_n.jpg 10407460_854733611235164_2757076335889259058_n.jpg

I knew the shoulder bell was going to be hard to make, but 6 hours of cutting, shaping, shooing my cat awayand some filler, i was finally able to get the shape i wanted.
11159496_854733681235157_5962232369373809131_n.jpg 11146305_854733754568483_3324004417500569232_n.jpg 11156410_854733701235155_7200232461521927233_n.jpg

The left shoulder pad was a little easier compared to the other one, but it took a second for me to figure out how i was going to get clean lines around the shapes, so i found a video on youtube and i cut into the foam with an x-acto knife about halway through and i used my heat gun to open up the cuts i made and i was super pleased with it.


i'm still figuring out this website, so forgive me if the layout looks crazy.

Well, once i got everything shaped, glued, got the battle damage dremeled and spots filled, I moved onto painting!

I chose the Predawne shader because it's the main shader I use and i absolutely love the colors.

I used a krylon automotive primer for the base and a metallic silver spray paint for the under layer. I used some masking fluid in between layers to get layered battle damage look. I then used an acrylic antique gold paint i got at Hobby Lobby for the main color and did a black wash over the entire thing to make it look like it's seen some things.


Yayyy weathering
1510635_854734387901753_1191173211040394947_n.jpg 22484_854734367901755_3699892981939740387_n.jpg

So once i got all the weathering done on it, I started working on the thrall skull, claws and the knife on the leg.

unfortunately, i cannot find any pictures of the molding of the knife, but once i finish it, i'll post it. In the mean time, here's my first attempt at scupting and molding anything.


I asked my father-in-law to help with the mold process since he's experienced in such matters so we made a silicone mold and strengthened the mold with plaster of paris and some gauze strips. Then we pulled the clay out and casted the skull in resin!


First pull was a success!


I took a break on the hard parts for the meantime and began to work on the clothing portion of the suit.

I've never used a sewing machine before, so this was a hard beast to tame and i still barely know what i'm doing.

I basically made a vest with the stomach pattern on it to pull over a long sleeved excersize shirt.
The pattern was hard to try and replicate, but i did the best i could with what i had and knew.

i ended up throwing away the first attempt because it was crooked when i finished and i couldn't fix it. But the second run was way more successful. I used an old t-shirt that fit me comfortably as my template and cut out the vest accordingly.


Test fit. so happy it worked.


if anyone has seen the Relentless Harness' stomach pattern, you'll know it's an insane looking design, so i just found some quilted vinyl fabric and used that.
close enough.. haha


SO I ordered a mask from the talented Steven K. Smith and i could not be anymore pleased with it. It looks and fits great.


(decided to do a little test fit with the mask on)


I wanted a sweet gun for my hunter and i went with the Fatebringer.
I got the 3d print off of etsy and i'm stoked. going to fill, sand and add LEDs hopefully next week.



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So i was suprised with myself and i was able to get the cloak done in 2 days. A little uneven, but still proud of it.

I used a gold fabric paint i also got at the local hobby lobby. I live in a very small town, so it's hard to get anything anywhere else without online ordering.
11203086_860632713978587_1597260747358787074_n.jpg 10394623_860632760645249_8819240719869585886_n.jpg 11159541_860632690645256_3553936891629514928_n.jpg 11182229_860765243965334_5476899962178231831_n.jpg

I just have to make it so the front pointy part of the hood doesn't droop down over the eye :/ so any suggestions would be great!

Made some teeth and claws and added belts onto the armor while i waited for the paint on the cloak to dry. Hopefully paint the claws/teeth tonight.
11160585_859453780763147_370335592222431045_n.jpg 11150816_854734464568412_4486744132339631844_n.jpg

But this is all i have so far! I'll post more at the end of the week when i have more time! Thanks for looking!
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Great to see some Destiny love. Awesome build so far, coming along great. Especially like the cloak, and weathering if by far the most fun part of the whole build in my opinion :)


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Great to see some Destiny love. Awesome build so far, coming along great. Especially like the cloak, and weathering if by far the most fun part of the whole build in my opinion :)

Thanks so much, man! It's been a lot of fun. And you're right about the weathering. It is the most fun. :) it just really completes whatever piece you're working on.

SKS Props

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Awesome work man. Steven K Smith (aka SKS Props) here, I love it when I get to see one of my masks out there in the world making someone else happy :)


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Awesome work man. Steven K Smith (aka SKS Props) here, I love it when I get to see one of my masks out there in the world making someone else happy :)

Thank you so much! Your work has been a huge inspiration to me and it's really humbling you stumbling upon this thread and taking the time to comment.

- - - Updated - - -

wow, very cool! I can't believe this is your first build by the looks of it :0
keep up the good work~

Thank you :)


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Okay, so it's been a hectic week and I haven't been able to get much done and it's coming down to crunch time and I'm so close to finishing this thing.

I was only able to start and finish the belts this past week, but that only leaves me with the boots, my Fatebringer and the knee armor.

I'm pretty happy with the way the belts came out,
11182119_865664630142062_1771973848808477380_n.jpg 11145195_865664650142060_6189199172099222568_n.jpg 10407082_865664603475398_1931917901783774766_n.jpg

And the pouches are fully functioning so I can carry my phone, wallet and strange coins in case Xur is around. ;)
10444350_865664513475407_8048147773424249643_n.jpg 11219320_865664540142071_7526275122350988630_n.jpg 11206022_865664586808733_3098588605826706535_n.jpg

And just in case I wasn't able to finish my Fatebringer in time, I purchased this Word of Crota from Fred Props. Pretty happy with the way he did it. Going to wire a 9v battery to it though so the LED's he installed will be substantially brighter and last longer.

Hope to have it all finished in the next 2 weeks!!! Thanks for looking!


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It's been a busy few days and i was able to cram in a whole bunch of work on my Fatebringer. I had some trouble with the wood filler to make the 3d print an even surface since it's not that strong and will flake off and chip off if you're not careful. I should have used something like bondo or something tougher, but it'll be alright for now and it should hold for con.

I'm pretty happy with it, although the only thing that i cannot figure out is why the 9 volts keep getting really hot. If anyone knows why, i'd love to hear any troubleshooting advice!





Should be all finished by next week!


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I was able to get to about 95% completion this week and I'm pretty happy with the results. Going to get better pictures of everything when I'm not by myself and using my toaster oven to prop my phone up.

These were once women's boots I got at Walmart for 10 bucks on clearance. Stoked with the way they turned out.
The angles on these pictures make everything look so stumpy and husky but i will get better photos i promise!

The knife on the thigh is the only thing that's left to finish. Thanks to anyone who took the time to check out/comment on my first build. It was super fun and I learned a lot. I'll be at Phoenix Comicon next week. Friday and Saturday. If anyone sees me, come and say hi to my wife and me!
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