My first attempt on a dl-44


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I have been wanting to do a dl-44 for a long time. Or to be totally honest I have wanted to do a dl-44 type gun. Seing as I live in Norway, many if not all the stores normally referred to on most forums I visit dont exist in Norway, and the cost of ordering everything you need from us or uk is just too much.

But finally I got my hands on a plastic airsift broomhandle mauser from who were gracious enough to ship a toygun to Norway(the metal replica i ordered from ebay was destroyed by us customs (may they burn just a litle)

I -tried my best to conceal any screwholes etc on the gun, and sanded it down. I gave it one layer of something I assumed was primer (wich more likely was just grey paint) and gave it three layers of satin black after that.

Scope and scopemount is homemade out of wood and aluminum sheet. They are not great, but from afar they might just look like a scope and mount from a dl-44.

The flashider was made out of aluminum of a friend of mine who has a metal workshop at his disposal.

I have a couple of pictures of how the dl is today, it is not yet finnished, but some feedback would be appreciated.



Seing the pictures I se that I really dont know how to use a spraycan.

Be gentle.

I really like the ESB luke blaster, or actually all dl's with the m-19 scope, so thats the feel Im going for. As for accuracy I am not yet skilled/well funded enough to go all out.

Down the road I plan on doing a denix build with as much accurate parts as possible.

Also toying with the idea of a mer sonn power five for my tie-pilot.

You're are actually closer to the Han ESB than Luke's. Luke's does not have the pistions on the side. There are some other tidbits you can add on that side. If you can remove that switch, it would help as well. You can also add a spacer between the mount and the body.

According to BlasTech DL-44...

...a black spacer approximately 3/4" diameter and 1/8" thick was used between the scope bracket and the gun body...

Some actual/faux weathering would really make it all come together.

You got the harderst part done already. Nice work coming up with the parts.
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