My Firsr Plasma Cannon Made Fron Nerf Parts


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This is my first plasma cannon i got the cpurage to take some items i thought would go good together. Thhis was made from parts from the nerf longshot the bottom peices are the stand or legs on the l8ngshot. The top part is from the extended barrel. The barrel is fr8m an old rescue heros plane toy we had floating around i had scraped the eletron8cs and desided to keep the engine exhost part. The pictures were taken with my samsung galaxy s2. I havent painted it yet. Or descided on the back part. I have some other items to use for the arm. It took me about three hours to file and place the barrel straight i glued it tight and snug only to tahe out the barrel and reddo it. My next cannon is made from an old gi joe cannon toy from the gijoe base. It was broke so i decided to keep it. So i bwill post my ideasfor that one in another post.




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Hi and welcome to the Lair.  :)

I've seen people make plasma casters out of all sorts of things, but I think this is the first one I've seen from a Nerf gun.  :)


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Bondo is likely easier to sand and prime for painting compaired to the glue. Also, due to the plastic components, you'll need to get a plastic primer before you begin painting the gun. This will roughen up the plastic a little bit allowing for the paint to adhere better to the plastic. Then you can use pretty much any paint you want to use. I'd use a plastic primer spray paint then acrylics. Thats what I did for my bio that was plastic. Once you get it painted the way you'd like, make sure to put a couple coats of clear coat on it to seal it up good.

Looks good! Keep us posted on your progess!



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Would modpodge work or wouldmi have to get some acrlic paint. I saw some at walmart that i could pqint and sand os thatgoog. I want my plasma cannon to bave some techture.


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I just put the ppasma back on with some accents . I used some dollor store/ollor tree plastic glitr contaner bottoms i broke th tube peices of by hand and then i sanded it down by hand. I also hadsome stupid old self powred light up tomas the engine toy the small orange steam heads or horn heads. On the back of my nerf gun.






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So I have been inactive for the past 4-5 years now? Well I was busy and did not know much about anything when i joined. Now I kind of have an idea for what i want to do with this gun. I changed the over all design a bit though it still is mostly made from nerf parts. This gun will not have a firing mechinism or a light up gimmick, which i originally planned for it. That being said I do have the tools and knowledge now to complete this plasma caster. I will be posting more regularly until this prop is complete. I am hoping and planning on getting this plasma caster completed before April this year before the Calgary comic expo 2018.

I havent gotten my ticket yet but still figuring out who is going to be there. I will try and post in the coming days of a mock up picture/sketch for a blueprint on this design. My other plasma caster i am working on will have a light gimmick with blue leds, i am still figuring out the wiring and flashing function for it to work. I am excited to get these done and show you guys, the process!
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