my finished Wicket (Ewok) costume : D - LOTS of PICTURES -

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    Hey Guys,

    its my first post here so i want to show you my first prop ; D

    i´ve made this costumes a few months ago,
    its Wicket from Star Wars and specifically the Ewok Movies.
    the costume was made for my Girlfriend, she likes the Ewoks a lot so i´m really happy that she joines me (as Vader) with her tiny , little furry bear * : D

    Well lets start with some work in progress pictures.


    feet are made from normal UGG boots and toes
    made from the rest of the latex fingers.

    i´ve started with the suit and add this white fur for the first try, but after all it looks terrible so we´re removed it xDDDD
    well and a WIP picture from the head.


    after this i´ve made the leather hood for the head.
    Finally, it looked like an Ewok xDDD


    well yeah, i hope you like it. i´m really happy how it turns out!
    everybody was in love with it and
    wanted to cuddle the ´bear´ ; D

    after all, I think it was easier than expected.
    I had a lot of fun, more than with any other costume xD

    okay, so here we go with the final result.

    Here is my finished Wicket, the Ewok costume:








    oh and for Fun, heres my also selfmade Vader costume.
    completed in only one week D :


    i hope you like the Ewok and don´t be so critical,
    its my first prop ; D

    thanks for watchin´ guys~
  2. G33k

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    Nice work! What kind of fur did you use?
  3. mrfnydude

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    Great Job. I am an ewok collector..ok yes I said it there! hahah Nice work.
  4. Margh

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    good job
  5. AZAXD

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    Woah that's amazing :D
  6. Navia1974

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    Awesome Ewok

    Was it expensive to make? I'm just learning about fursuits because my fiance' is named Teddy and I always wanted to make him an adorable Teddy Bear suit. There are so many variations to them it can be overwhelming. Thanks
  7. animefan

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    yub jub, that looks very good.

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