My Finished Indiana Jones voodoo doll.

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Jordo9998, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. Jordo9998

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    After reading some of the other members voodoo doll creations, idea's, dimensions, screen grabs, I decided to make one of my own.
    I made the dimension's to which I thought were appropriate. i also made a couple small changes for fun since this isn't a serious project..
    Thanks to MarkPoon for the voodoo doll head. I was going to make my own but marks newer heads look great and the nose issue was fixed giving the nose more of a raised effect it was perfect for the build. Saved much time making it myself..
    it took a few trips back and forth to the fabric store gathering the correct materials...
    I used more of a thick gauge black thread to wrap around the whip to make a small handle; i also made a small pouch for the doll which can be removed at any time.
    I also took the extra step to make a cream colored linen undershirt tucked into the pants per the original.
    Moss green thread per the original and leathers of different kinds.
    many hours of hand stitch work went into this doll and I couldn't be more happy with the outcome. I didn't want to rush this, took me 1 week to complete working on it for a couple hours each night.
    The main body is made from a wonderful cream colored fabric that is strong yet thin. working with this and the linen undershirt was very tricky as linen frays out of control when working with it so I had to take extra steps to fold over the edges and give extra stitching.
    if you know how to sew then this will be much easier for someone to make. But if you don't then you could run into a few problems and not be happy with the finished product.
    everything is removable off this doll, non of the clothing has been stitched to the body. Like I said no short cuts..
    I believe everyone’s voodoo dolls I have seen on this forum all have little special touched of their own and I'm happy to say mine does as well.
    just hope I get in line for the needle relic is making.
    let me know what you guys think.
    the pants and jacket fit to a T, i didn't want a lot of extra slack in the pants or jacket, so this doll could stay small, tall, and skinny.
    I feel guilty giving it a poke here in there, but it feels good to do it! hahaha.

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  2. Jordo9998

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    it's not cheap to make one of these either. my cost on it just on fabric and the head was 150 bucks not including labor...

    I now understand why no one wants to do a run of these... they take far too long to make and would be far to expensive if for sale. were talking hours of work on a hand made hand stitched item.
  3. Shylaah

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    That is an awesome build. I sew, and I know how many hours those metriculous, perfect little hand stitched stitches took!!

    I don't know, man, looks pretty serious to me!! :)

    I have no idea what the head would have cost you, but even if it was half the $150, I'm curious what kind of fabrics you bought that would have been so expensive.

  4. Jordo9998

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    60 for the head, 33 for the express shipping, 65ish for the fabrics leather etc... + time
  5. Alan Castillo

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    Cool addition, but the original did not have an undershirt.

    Great job overall :thumbsup

    Love the satchel :lol, excellent idea :thumbsup
  6. Jordo9998

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    actually alan, the original did, but thanks for coming on to my thread to start yet another argument with me...


    you can see clear as day the belly of this screen used doll is exposed, and where the leather belt is tied around the jacket is where you can clearly see a change in fabric.. so Yes the original does have an undershirt....

    but in the end, its my doll and I don't really give a ***** if mine is different. i'm not trying to pass it off as an original........................................................................ BUT if you want to split atoms then here are the facts.
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  7. Jordo9998

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    again in this picture thats a little more clear, you can see an undershirt..........

  8. Alan Castillo

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    Seeing you believe that the pic above this post is an original voodoo doll that proves your view that the original had an undershirt, so be it.

    It had an undershirt :thumbsup.

    But if you believe I posted here to start an argument with you, I regret to inform you that you are not going to make many friends here with your paranoia and short temper.

    Whatever the case, you still did a good job on the doll.
  9. Jordo9998

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    I already have made friends here, I just don't want you as a friend or posting on my threads as stated before... I just don't like you, but hey its a public forum so post as you wish..

    if you want to compliment me on my doll, thats great, but if you want to come on to yet another thread of mine and correct me on something that I don't agree with you on, then that means you're just looking to start more BS on yet another thread of mine.

    non the less the first picture I posted is an original regardless of what you think of the second picture, so lets say the second picture is faked, so be it. still doesn't change the fact that the first picture we both agree is of the original doll does indeed have an undershirt.

    you can see the color change in fabric and size change from the exposed belly of the doll to where the belt is tied. above the belt you can see thats where the undershirt fabric starts... if there was no undershirt, then the chest of the doll wouldn't look like that and there would be no color change or no texture change.
  10. Contec

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    And then you got banned:lol
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  11. Alan Castillo

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    Yeah, it seems he didn't have many friends on other forums either due to his temper and other shenanigans :unsure

    Pity, it's still a nice doll.
  12. Stefan Jones

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    :lol funny thread.....will have to check his other postings too, they promise even more fun
  13. Protoss

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    Great job! I know how much work this is! The satchel is a eye catcher!

    OT: No offence, but I think the visible line is only the difference between dirty/aged to clean fabric (previously covered by the trousers)
  14. Dutchman

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    My thoughts exactly :)

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