My Fallout 4 Replicas and Props - Holotape added


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Hi everybody. Recently I started making replicas/props, and decided to film the whole process of the making and put that into a Youtube channel. I had some experience making my own kitbash scale models, but I had no experience making someone else's design. Hope you guys like it. Once I release more videos, I'll update this post. Please if you like, subscribe and leave me a comment telling me where I could improve, tips and critics.
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Those final images in the video might as well be a game render. I thought the trigger was too thin, until I saw your rotate the game model.
The only thing I see missing (which isn't evident in the game model) is putting a lens at the laser output rather than paint. I haven't seen anyone do that yet.

Also, I need your laser-cut bins on my workbench.


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Thank you Zapwizard! Yeah, there are many design choices in this model that made me confused ... the trigger really is super thin !! Also, gotta say I never thought about the laser lacking lens at the tip .... that's just insane! ahahahha But I wanted to be as close as possible to the original

These laser cut bins are saving me! I don't have much work space so I'm glad I made them... Keeps me organized


Here are some photos I've taken to better show the work:


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That is astounding work for your first go at it, cudos for using real hardware/screws it always gives props that extra bit of realism.


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Awesome and inspiring work! Subscribed to your channel!
Thank you Padawan311!!


Recently I did another Fallout prop, the holotape (I'm getting addicted to this kind of stuff and I'll probably start a fallout shelf!). I'm putting the video here so i don't flood the forum with many topics, and will rename the title of the thread. Thank you all again = D