My ever growing Fallout collection


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I am quite the fan of the Fallout universe and I have been building props from Fallout for about six years now. This thread will be where I post any of my future props but for the meantime I will show you Some current photos of My collection and a few of My favorite builds.

Here is my collection as it sits right now.

For size comparison.

Fallout 4 Laser Pistol

Fallout:New Vegas PUSHY.

Fallout:New Vegas A Light Shining in Darkness

Fallout 2(and GRA) BOZAR

Fallout:New Vegas Snowglobes.

Fallout:New Vegas Recharger rifle.

Fallout:New Vegas That Gun.

Fallout:New Vegas AER14 Prototype.

That's just a few I have made I wanted to share but, be on the lookout for more Fallout Props and armor from me in the near future. Thanks for looking!
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