My e-bay Spidey Suit repair and renew for ECCC 2015


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Look Stan got Spidey Bombed!!

Hey there Fellow RPF'ers,

So I know your all kind of tired of the Spiderman suits right, WRONG! Who doesn't love the web head right. Well I thought I would show off a suit I'm working on that I acquired off of E-Bay. Now I'm not sure who made it, I know it's not a sub-dye print either. This suit was made out of brick pattern fabric and then the webs were puff painted. It originally had the Raimi eyes on it, but the original owner drilled small holes in the lenses. WHY?!?!?!?!? I'm guessing for fogging reasons. The suit was too small for the previous owner and a lot of the puff paint webbing has broken and peeled off. SO seeing the potential of this suit I bid on it and won. Here are the original photos of the suit with the previous owner wearing it.
Spidey Mask.jpgspidey suit back.jpgspidey suit front.jpg
When I received the suit the first thing I did was strip off the lenses and go to work on the webbing. I wasn't sure how to repair it, but with the help here on the RPF all is going well. The feet on this suit were open as well, like there were none so I thought why not make this sucker my own and put some comfortable Comic Con walking/running shoes on it for all day wear.
These are the Reebok Real Flex shoes. I attached them with good old super glue and I will stitch them up as well. I know I know the white looks a bit, "AHHHH!" but hey I like it and why paint over something that's just gonna get dirty or the paint is going to peel later.
face.JPGrami silver.jpgrami white.jpgIMG_4040.JPG
So now on to the mask. I have the original Raimi frames, and I have a set of TJack's Carlo Barberi style frames that I'm really liking for this suit, and I have his Universal Face shell. I did contact TJack and ask for another set of Hard Raimi lenses with the metal screen just to see how they would look.
SO that's pretty much it so far. I have been cutting the puff paint off that is broken and doing my best to repair it. I've never used the stuff so I'm trying hard not to screw it up. I'll keep you up to date as I go along with what I learn.
how did you go about removing the lenses? I want to do something similar to mine, but i am scared of ruining the fabric.

Well that's always a gamble. Mine were superglued on so I just used my hands and pulled them off very slowly and took my time. They came of fairly easily. Since I will be using magnets on my new lenses i made sure they were a bit larger just in case.
Well I'm pretty much done with all the repairs on the suit now. I am trying to figure out which set of frames I should use. I'm leaning towards the Raimi Style but I sure do like the Carlo Barberi style a lot. Maybe I'll just save those for a different suit. DAM YOU TJACK! You have way to may cool lenses to choose from.
Cool! Very nice acquisition, I'd definitely go for the Raimi eyes for a Raimi suit. Can't wait to see this in action, keep up the good work!
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