My Dredd 3D Helmet and Display Stand


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I thought I would show off my completed Dredd 3D helmet and display stand.

Helmet is from Pannaus Props finished in "no name brand" satin black (el-cheapo auto paint), Rust-Oleum Colonial Red, Gold and Silver Rub-and-Buff and a cutout Grade 3 Welder's Shield. I used small 'book screws' glued to the inside and matching nuts to mount the visor. Battle damage was added using a Dremel tool and filled with Vaseline when spraying top coats over them. The inside was finished with a charcoal grey, 5mm foam rubber lining glued directly to the resin.

I made the stand using some PVC pipe and caps for the centre stand and just drilled some bolts through it for added industrial flair and finished it in gunmetal grey. The badge is mounted on a piece of MDF with a plastic light switch surround marked out in black and yellow hazard striping. The clear 'bubble tubes' are just cheap outdoor solar lamps ($4 each!) stripped down and mounted into electrical conduit. I ran a large green LED light into each that runs off a 9V battery mounted on the back of the stand (toggle switch is behind the badge mount, in the PVC pipe).

The photos show the LED to be a little blue, but it actually turns out a green when viewed in person.

I was hoping for a helmet that appears to have been repaired "on-the-run", as a Street Judge would do it.

All up, I am REALLY happy with what is my first attempt.

IMG_2394(a).jpg IMG_2399(a).jpg IMG_2401(a).jpg IMG_2403(a).jpg IMG_2404(a).jpg


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That turned out very nice. The striping is a touch I would never had. I bet those lights looks really good in a dark room.

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