My Drawings


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Well its not great but its okay, For my drawing standard i will upload more when i draw more.
Also Nicole thanks you for all the advice.



Its not great quality but i just thought i'd show you tell me what you think?
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You're getting better and I think you should work with this one some more. Try textures, like the bio having a smoother grey, and the dreads having a bit more tacky work or so. Even some spots on the neck (or draw a neckring) and fill in the kabels going to the bio with a darker pen - with a light edge/border giving it a reflection of light. You dont need to colour this one at all.
Dont be afraid of trying to work with shadows and light. You can train that on ordinary objects first, like staring at a cup on the table with a light source in its side, then move on to bigger objects like this. :) It might be boring, but it is worth it! :D


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Guys and gals i wont be drawing for a while because ive got a broken right hand.
but anyways ill keep posting on the lair ill just be a bit slow.

thanks jack
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