My Double Blade Anakin ROTS Force Fx Lightsaber


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I must say,the I am really enjoying my Double Bladed Ani.
It`s the perfect weight,and its VERY loud..
No spinning indoors for this baby,its HUGE..
The force is strong with this FFX and here she is in all her glory..

Here is the COUPLER..

More saber shots..

I made a video of it too,the video is at this link.
Double Bladed Anakin ROTS Force Fx Lightsaber video

Coupler from Jedi Arms Dealer


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@Jan 8 2006, 09:19 PM
Hey I added some extra footage to the video.
Footage with the half of Ani with coupler.
Dude, I want to buy one. LMK
Hey someone rotoscoped the video and added my reflecting blaster fire..its sooo cool check it.
The Video (Click Below)