My Doctor Who and Torchwood Costumes


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This is my Madame de Pompadour dress. robe a la francaise. The Girl in the Fireplace was actually the first episode of Doctor Who I saw. My girlfriends AJ and Judy forced me to watch it knowing I'd AT LEAST like the froofy 18th century dresses in it. ;) I was hooked from there on out and started watching from "Rose" (the 9th Doctor) sequentially.

I don’t think I really look that much like her, but I loved this gown and episode, and I’m getting more interested in historical costuming lately.
The gown was made from the J.P. Ryan pattern with some minor modifications. The undergarments (the stays and pockethoops) were also made from J.P. Ryan patterns. I made it as historical as I could within reason. (I made all the undergarments and stays/corset, too)


detail on the WIP stomacher

I’m sorry… I bought the fabric a long time ago and I don’t know where anymore. (I found it by searching online for blue and gold damask, I think.)

the back :)

I usually sew my costumes from scratch but I fell in love with Doctor Who so much that I started doing some bought/cobbled costumes to recreate characters and outfits I liked in the show.

Here's my husband's Captain Jack Harkness from Doctor Who and Torchwood. Most of what he's wearing was already in his closet (he wears braces with suits for work, etc...) The coat is a swiss military coat that I modified. The earpiece is a bluetooth that I modified. The whole outfit isn't screen accurate, but I think the overall look is very jack-ish. :)

Jack Photos thanks to



I've also done a couple Rose Tyler outfits.
This one is to look similar to the Impossible Planet / Satan Pit episode. The shirt is from Punky Fish. Photo thanks to Jason Nishi

And another with a pink alternate colorway of her punky fish shirt in The Long Game. Photo thanks to

This is my husband's 10th Doctor outfit. The suit was made by Baron’s Boutique (with fabric by primrodo with help from Steve Ricks), his tie by Magnoli Clothiers and his coat by honestdragonchina. (photos by Anastasia Kim Photography )

These were shot at Vasquez rocks!



us together, him as the 10th Doctor and me in my season 4 Rose Tyler (The Stolen Earth) Oasis jacket, etc... (photos by Anastasia Kim Photography )




My gun is by wookiemart

Photos by Jason Nishi


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I don't have good photos of it yet, but here's my Doomsday Rose Tyler with Firetrap jacket. :) I had the mitts made for me by someone on This is a screencap of my husband and me on the 2009 Doctor Who Specials DVDs. We're at 9min 30sec. (SQUEE!)

This is River Song from Series 5 Doctor Who, The Pandorica Opens / Big Bang episodes. I like that she’s basically kinda a female Captain Jack Harkness or Indiana Jones or Han Solo, and I’m all over that.

The jacket is actually the same as the one she wears in the show, Gisil by Diesel, but the rest of it is on the cheap(ish). The holster is left over from my steampunk costume. The pants I bought and added the stripe to. The gun is a modified Nerf Scout. It’s my first time using Apoxie Sculpt and I didn’t have much time… but in photos it gets the job done! In these Big Bang photos below, I don't have the screen accurate AllSaints belt (but I got that later...)
Photo by Oscar Chang Oscar Chang Photography | Home



This is my River Song from Doctor Who Series 6 (Day of the Moon and other episodes)

The Zeeda dress and Anina belt are the same she wears in the show, by AllSaints. I sadly couldn’t afford to get the Crillio AllSaints boots she also wears with the outfit. The belt is actually the same one she wears in The Pandorica Opens / Big Bang outfit (the other cosplay I did). And the gun is the same as the one I modded for my previous outfit, too. The holster is my steampunk holster (again, the same one I used previously).
I got a better wig at this point, too with a lace front, hurray!

These were shot an an abandoned oil refinery near Ventura.
below Photos by Anastasia Kim Flickr: anastasiak's Photostream





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Wow Aimee, who knew that you were a Who fan. I have recently had the pleasure of watching it from the the beginning and really enjoy what you have done here.


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Thanks so much you guys! Really appreciate it!

Zen, I started watching after Judy and AJ made me, it was really a treat to be able to watch at least 2 whole seasons back to back without waiting. :) Glad you enjoyed it!


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These are amazing!!! And you live in LA! I do too! Are you going to the Doctor Who convention in Feb.? I just started getting into it, such a great show.
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