My Death Korps Diorama/ Models


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Evenin' y'all, After Getting what can only be described as a corrosively hot bath, i decided to start my Krieg Army....... After A talk with my mum, i'm allowed to put a diorama (of decent size) in the cabinet case thing in the Kitchen, It's roughly a foot wide and almost a foot deep, i shall get the proper dimensions soon. The Diorama will Have to hold all 10 of my Kriegsmen, plus Accessories/ Walls/ Thick Mud etc. I'm thinking of a making my Diorama have some Height aswell as depth and width. The Colours of "The lads" are Snakebite Leather for Cloths, Black for Boots and Im thinking of Codex Grey Armour, but that might change. Hopefully Pics will come soon. And any Help, questions, comments are welcome....

Thanks James.
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