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Just the little details as you mentioned, dings etc. on the grips and stuff as far as the Mauser goes. 'Pat's Patch'..^^.. has gotta be there too! find had a funny name, thus so should his, haha ;)

It's a real shame we can't see the rear of the Mauser though. Not just for the serial(s), but even the SN stamp varies in shape and depth as well as alignment of any and all markings stamped in anywhere.

The original flash hider is something to look carefully at, especially at the front-most radius size and transition to the cone, there's some (hand machined) uniqueness there too. OdiWan72 has the closest Real FH variation to the Hero's FH that I've ever seen, barring many similarities to the original..lucky ducky :D

I'll see soon if I can get a decent photo of the proof-marks from my C96 as mentioned. Mine was pretty well damaged by a small house fire a few months ago, so I can't guarantee it's very legible.

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..a small house fire a few months ago, so I can't guarantee it's very legible.

First and foremost I’m very sorry to hear that! I hope everyone was ok and nothing but material goods where hurt. Fires, even small ones are scary.

Your point about the stamping is well taken. Every picture I have or collected differs a bit from the next. The FH’s radius certainly looks to have more of a radius that your mentioning. I’ll definitely give that another look.

I’ll go see if I can find a pic of Odi’s FH as well for reference. Thanks Carson and again I hope everyone is doing alight.


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We have so many great reference photos of the actual prop itself now that honestly I think I can find everything I need here. I few of these only came to light (for a majority of us anyhow) only recently. These ones are great simply because they all almost directly from the side! Much thanks to that mystery man who’s been sharing them :)


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Sadly my C96 is too far gone to see that right-side marking, these are the best photos I can take of her nowadays.
The fire really did a number on the ol' girl..













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