My Dawn Of Justice Batman Cowl

Discussion in 'DC Costumes and Props' started by rfortin, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. rfortin

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    Hey guys i need to know If you know some people on Montréal Canada he can help me to finish that baby!!

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  2. Peachpanda

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    I don't know anybody in Canada, but what I recommend doing is to cast a plaster mold of the mask and use the latex-slush method, its budget friendly and easy to do.
  3. PropReplicator2

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    I agree. this method costs about $10-$15.:D
  4. Josephscott93

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    hay man i like what your doing! hows the mold looking now? and how far have you come? :D im also doing a batfleck cowl you should check it out! :D thanks!
  5. rfortin

    rfortin Active Member

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    Thanks everybody... Joseph... i don't have finish the sculpture... i do a lot of ajustement next week... with all the new photo we saw this week. I work on the belt too!! i'll keep you in touch very soon!
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  6. bleyd

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    KRopserkel is in Alberta. I haven't seen him here for a bit but check his website. He's done some great work.

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