My Daughter's Scarlet Witch

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    We just got back from Comic Con so I thought I'd share my daughter's Scarlet Witch costume. I'll add some more pics of the constituent pieces later, if requested.


    (my picture is sideways, for some reason.apologies!)

    This was a pretty cheap costume to make. The dress and boots came from Plato's closet. I know that in the film, the dress is an even cut on the bottom but after finding this one, we really liked the flow of it and how it made a more interesting line for the eye. As she walked, it looked very cape-like. The stockings were very simple black stockings she ripped up. The wrist pieces came off of Etsy. Unfortunately, we didn't notice until after we purchased that the zippers were going the wrong way. I 3D printed the red stone necklace and my daughter made the other from reference. Rings were also purchased at Plato's Closet for a few dollars. The jacket was found at the Goodwill store for $6. It's not shiny leather, as in the film, but it was mostly right. We hung it up and "dirtied" the bottom with black spray paint. No one else at Comic Con that we saw went to the trouble of doing that. In her hands we had finger lights we found at the grocery store. A nice touch for photos. All in all, the entire costume cost about $60 with the bracers being the most expensive.


    I like this pic because at the Marvel costume contest, these were probably the three best looking Avengers there.


    A good shot of what the hand lights looked like.

    My daughter is 14 and loves cosplay and Comic Con. She did most of this herself while I sat back and made suggestions. I'm very proud of this, and the fact she showed it off on the Marvel stage.


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    Woo hoo! That's looks great and good for her. Wish I had the skill and confidence to trot around in costume at age 14.

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    That's awesome! I'm digging the glowing hands. And the other Avengers you found are impressive as well!

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