My custom semi-accurate Romana 2 Sonic Screwdriver.


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I have looked all over the web for what I consider would be the perfect Romana 2 sonic, and found that I was not happy with the thought of carrying around a stick while all the other Doctor-players were pushing buttons and sliding slides and such, so I thought "Why not design a Romana 2 by deconstructing the other classic screwdrivers and using the assumed technology to make one for her? After all, Romana was a capable, intelligent, stylish Gallifreyan herself, and if she was to build something, doubtless it would NOT be 'just a stick'

So I started with a classic Tom Baker, and moved up through Paul Mcgan and finally to the John Hurt versions, pulling bits and pieces and making what I actually wanted - a reasonably screen-accurate sonic with some interactive playability.

Heres 4 pictures, the first is the profile, the second the sonic in relaxed mode, the third in compressed (activated) configuration, and the fourth with the emitter and light on. This sonic is made of stainless steel, aluminum, brass, all nickel plated, with tape markings. The bottom cap is bevelled like the early classics, I just like that look, and the collar is spring loaded and acts as a switch. I have not yet found a sound module that will fit, but the light is pretty cool and actually gives you feedback when you pull down the collar.

Hope some of you find it interesting


profile.jpg extended.jpg compressed.jpg emitter.jpg


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Love the little light up surprise in there! What you may want to consider adding is a frosted, rounded tip. The end of most people's visions of the prop has a metal end but if you want to carry the light maybe a bit of sanded clear plastic so the light effect can be seen all the way around instead of just directly in front. Very good work.
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