My Custom Carded Hasbro Pulse Selfie Series 6 Inch Stormtrooper


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Here's a quick custom I did after finishing my George Lucas figure. I used the body of that figure and the head from my Hasbro Pulse Selfie Series to make this figure. The likeness is meh, I think that technology from a direct to consumer standpoint still has a ways to go. The figure body that came with the Selfie Series was complete garbage, it was a flimsy plastic with bowed legs and arms and terrible quality armor and color. It also didn't come with a helmet which was a little disappointing. The only thing I did like about it was the blaster and it came with a holster. The blaster was nicer than the one in the Lucas package, it was larger and the bolt was painted silver. I also didn't want the flashlight attachment that came on the Lucas blaster, I wanted this to be more original trilogy.

I took the holster from the Selfie Series and attached it to this figure. I reused the bubble since it's convenient for the helmet, edited the front name, customized the back with a little blurb about me, and printed new panels. It was a pretty quick project and I like how it displays, much better than the box it came in from Hasbro.





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