My Custom Carded George Lucas 6" Figure


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This is a little project I've had on hold and want to check off my list. I want to make a custom carded 6" George Lucas figure based on this photo.............


I bought 2 of the 6" George Lucas in Stormtrooper Disguise figures from Hasbro Pulse, one I'm keeping for my collection and the other was for this project. I used a Poe Dameron TFA 6" figure as the base. I dremeled down the tops of the boots and part of his shirt, glued the mid-section in place, and used bondo for the chest seam and to build up around where the boot tops were. I was going to use some air dry sculpting clay, but mine was bad and I didn't want to run to the store to get more. I sanded down the bondo, popped off the Poe head, dremeled down the ball since it was a little larger than the one that comes on the Lucas figure, and stuck the Lucas head on the Poe body.

On a side note, I'm going to use the extra Stormtrooper body from this Lucas figure on my Hasbro Selfie Series figure that I got last November. The Stormtrooper body that came with that figure is complete trash. I'm going to make a custom carded figure for that one as well.


I then made a flannel shirt pattern and printed it on self-adhesive vinyl.


I cut and attached the vinyl to the body and mixed some custom colors, then got to painting..........



I think it looks OK compared to the photo above. I'm going to add a camera and tripod as his accessory when I card this. I've just stated messing around with 3D design using Tinkercad since it's free. I made the model below using the standard shapes that come with that program, took a couple hours, but I think it looks faithful to what I'm trying to do. One of these days I'll take the time to learn a real 3D design program.

Camera 1.jpg

Camera 2.jpg

Camera 3.jpg

Camera 4.jpg


I'm printing these now and will throw a coat of paint on when it's done. Next I'll start working on the design for the card..........
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Looks like a fun project. :)

One Tinkercad tip - you can click on an object such as a cylinder and increase the number of sides it has for a smoother, less faceted look. Cylinders have 20 sides by default but you can up that to 64. Or to 100 if you use the "cylinder with defined smoothness" shape generator object.
Looks like a fun project. :)

One Tinkercad tip - you can click on an object such as a cylinder and increase the number of sides it has for a smoother, less faceted look. Cylinders have 20 sides by default but you can up that to 64. Or to 100 if you use the "cylinder with defined smoothness" shape generator object.
Thanks, that’s one thing I learned fairly quickly, very useful. It’s a great program once you get the hang of it.
Cool little project.
George's face looks enough like him to get by, but it also kinda looks like Bob Vila, who also wears a lot of flannel shirts. Lol.
Its still such an iconic shot....and who would have expected video to end up looking so good. Not back then.
And now how many movies are even shot on actual film anymore?
Did a little painting........this looks much better in person. It's hard to tell in the pictures, but the body is a Satin Black with Silver details, and the front lens and rear LCD screen are Gloss Black. Going to start on the card next, then off to try and find bubbles to mount these





Moving right along, the print of the camera and tripod came out nice, just needs a little filler and cleanup, then paint.

View attachment 1673635
View attachment 1673637
That camera needs to be incorporated as a spaceship engine too. :)

Here is a montage scene I imagine in my head. Lucas-fig in front of a Batman 66 TV watches the Saturn IB Pegasus sat:

He’s driving by Long Beach and sees a huge supertanker…and the front forms into a wedge.

Lastly, we see him buying some peyote from a Native American along Route 66 —a man who looks like Michael Ansara…whose indigenous name is “He who treads upon the Sky.”

It all comes together…

Well..Luke was gonna be Starkiller but…we’ll leave that to Babylon 5
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Thanks all.

So this is the artwork for the card I came up with, front and back. I think it has a nice retro vibe to it. I had to make George a little smaller since I really wanted to card the camera. That and the tripod will take up much of the bottom, so this is what I ended up with. I kept most of the back the same but edited it by adding a short bio under George's title. More to come.........

Looks good and official....and I had forgotten that George has never won an Academy Award, despite half of these awards they give out is because of the technology he basically founded.
Quick little update, I'm going to add a small clapper board to the package where a blaster would normally go. I printed out two, one has printed details and the other will have a flat front with a decal I made with some filming info. Still deciding, but I'm leaning to the one with the decal.........


Star Wars Clapper Board.jpg
Great attention to detail! Is your plan to spray mount the card design onto cardboard?

No, when I do a custom card, I actually use a double sided permanent adhesive film. Spray works well also, but I've always used the film and it's a bit easier to work with.
I spent a little time walking though Dollar Tree, Harbor Freight, and Walmart and found two bubbles that are going to work perfectly. The larger one came from a package of those little plastic outlet protectors from the baby section, and the other was from a package of 3M hooks. Just need to clean off the old residue / adhesive........


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