My custom Bloodlust Bio with a little surprise to it



Hey guys well been busy with some projects and finally got one Ive been wanting to do a some time to custom painting the Wolf bio I got the Idea from the female predator drawings from Predators but I added a little surprise and tell me what you think






I also would like to introduce for the first time ( I think Im the first to show off these puppy's ) the new BLUE LASERS. They are not as bright as the red laser but there still cool and wanted to do something different with the bio and I did well when you point the lasers out there more of a purple velvet color still cool till you point it to something like paper or a wife beater shirt :) then it turns blue



Anyway I need a name for this bad boy so if you guys can help me with a name that be cool enjoy the pics :unsure:
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really like the design. not a huge fan of the color combo. the blue lasers are very awesome though.
I like the design a lot; sleek, alien, tribal, together with the bloody jungle color scheme, I think its an all over success. I like the different laser color as well, its fun :)
I actually really ******* like the colors... its different than what you always see... its very exotic looking... unconventional to a typical look of a predator bio... Id name it something related to a jungle.
Ya that what i was going for something tribal like the ones in the pictures



ok names so far

Aztec bio

Red hornet bio

Red demon bio
that sounds good to so far we have

Aztec bio

Red hornet bio

Red demon bio

Bloodlust Bio
I really like the paint up, I'm going to do the same thing on a P2 bio once I get one. Are you going to leave the spikes the color they are? Just my opinion, but I think it would look pretty good with a bone look to them. You could also sort of highlight the tribal words with an off white, make it look like he put bone dust in there. I like bloodlust for a name for the bio.
@ munson the spikes are a aged bone color and off white highlights huh maybe ill think of them you wont happen to have any Reference pictures of what your taking about just to get an idea would you if you need a P2 bio hit me up with your ready for one i do make them



ok so I got 3 so far for Bloodlust Bio so how do I go about making a vote score on here never did one before.
Yeah, digging Bloodlust. Great job, Art! Maybe it's me, but the only thing I'd say is "perhaps" a black wash over the scratches to give it some grime. Other than that, LOVE the colors...
@ Tuath Ya it is a wolf bio as I said I painted a Custom wolf bio just wanted to give this one a different name

@ Darth Pinhead it has wash grime its the cam thats making it look like its not wash up look like Bloodlust is going to be it how about bloodlust wolf Bio
OK the hell with it Ill call it Bloodlust Bio or Bloodlust wolf Bio what do you think still cant make my mind up :D
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