My collection of home made costumes and props.


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I love looking at everyones collections, they are so inspiring and fun to look at.
I don't have much yet, but I though I would put all my home made props together in one place, I have also included how much it has cost me so far to build them. Hope this doesn't bore any of you too much.
TARDIS play house (Tool shed in winter) price to date around $30.oo

DALEK Price to date around $60-$70.00

Clone trooper pistols Price to date $2.00

Clone blaster Price $10.00

Clone Helmet custom paint job, Price $80.00

Costumes Cyberman Price $120 including voice changer helmet), Clone trooper Price $400.00, Ironman Price $60 of foam.
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That's a pretty impressive haul! I'm scratch building TK armour at the moment and I know how much work it takes, so you have my admiration and respect. I wanted to build a full size Dalek, but the missus put her foot down at that point! She says it's just too big, but I think she's scared of them:lol

How did you do the dalek dome? is it a work in progress or a finished dome? Its always difficult to tell from one photo, as cool as that pic is. I'm just nosey!:$ I am always interested in other peoples methods.

I was thinking about building a full size Tardis, keep the cars it's bigger on the inside than the outside, so there should be plenty of room!:)

Top build skills Mate! I'm really impressed!
Thanks again guys,
the Dalek dome is a tempory one. It was just made using some wood and high expand insulation foam. then covered with a black bin bag and then using a heat gun the bag was heated up to form aound the dome. I am redoing it when I can. I have to think of a nice cheap way to do it. I don't like (nor can I afford) to spend more then a few dollars on anyone one individual piece. Thats the only way the wife lets me do this. lol
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