My Captain America Rescue costume


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I used this tutorial for the round shield.

finished product.

This is my reference image:

Obviously, the Heater (WWII) Style shield was only photoshopped in. I finished the fiberglass body last night and will paint it this weekend.

I should have the helmet done this weekend too.
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i finally got my helmet, just need to finish painting it. Oddly enough, i kind of like the way I taped the A (red tape) and the white on blue.

I need to make the A smaller...

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It's a real leather jacket. I got it on close out/discount for $50 from HimalayaLeather. It is some serious heavy duty stuff too. It actually came with some leather tassels on the zipper pulls. ha! I took them off.
Also I should say I am very impressed with the costume, not 100% accurate, but it captures the feeling, which in my opinion, is more important. You may wanna distress it all because it looks a little too neat. Other than that though, I think it is great.
Thanks, I wasn't really aiming for accuracy. It probably would have driven me CRAZY. I'm not sure how to distress the jacket? Brown shoe polish?

I'll have the heater shield done today.
Nice job! can't wait to see the heater shield with it.
Nice find on the jacket also...maybe just cut those epaulets off and use one to sew back onto the collar for a throat latch, it would make for a great "close-enough". Then soak that jacket in hot water and throw it for a tumble in the dryer, then wear it around damp...that thing should break in and form to you much better.
Thanks THEMAN. I think I will wear it in the rain for the next 2 days ;). I like the idea of cutting off the epaulets.

BladeRunner, The jacket is a 42 Regular, or based on the site it is considered a Large. I actually planned on wearing it afterwards, it's such a nice jacket.

As I was working on the heater today, the first layer of paint cracked an bubbled. I have to rip it clean. I'll grab a shot of it.

The heater is 24" wide and about 30 or 31" tall. the blue section on top is 8 &1/2" at max height. The stripes are 2 1/2" and the center red stripe is 3".
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Shield looks like it is coming out really well. Also what I meant was if the sizing is accurate on the jacket. I mean do you usually wear a 42 regular or is that different from your usual size?
If you are painting it while it's a rainy day outside or when the humidity is way up it will do that. If you have to paint while that weather is outside you need to have a heater blowing over it to keep the air dry around the paint curing.
THEMAN, thanks for that info. I realized that as soon as I got the first layer down. I also called my brothers in-law, they are professional painters, they laughed at me and told me the same thing.
Here's the final costume. I am rather happy with the initial outcome. Too bad my Halloween was destroyed by the snow storm.I was however, able to get in to NYC and wear it around mid town for a bit. That made me happy...

It's been almost a week and still do not have power.
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