My Buzz Lightyear Costume (progress pics)


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I offered my local zoo to create a new Buzz Lightyear costume since their last one was basically a jumpsuit filled with polyfoam. I decided to make it out of EVA foam. I used pepakura files and rescaled several PDF breakdowns of his armor. Once I shaped the pieces with with a heat gun I glued them up with hot glued and sealed them with several layers of modge podge. I then painted with Krylon fusion and sealed them again with a high gloss polyacrylic. Here are some of my progress pics.
That is ridiculous!!!!
And yet, one of the coolest things I've seen!
But are you a genius or a head case? I think the former....with a bit of the latter for good measure!
I am subscribing to this thread like..........NOW!!!
I have the chest plate scaled two 203% which is set to my 6 foot 2 frame. I have it mounted to two sheets of poster board. I took a round plastic tub for storing toys and duct taped the sides which pulled it together to make a more oval shape. I plan on mounting the poster board to that to draw the main torso part and going from there. More pics to come of the forearm pieces and cod piece.
You are doing an awesome job!! I am a noob here and have been scouring the internet for ideas to make a Buzz coustume for my kid's party next month. I also plan to wear it for the upcoming Halloween season.

Forgive me if I ask a question that is answered somewhere else...What is EVA foam and where do you get it? Does it come "smooth" like that for painting or did you have to seal it with something? I bought some "camping mat" type foam and it is dimpled. Id rather use something smoother if it is easy to come by.

Any other step by step instructions are appreciated! I have till the 15th! times ticking for me.
I buy my EVA foam at the Harbor Freight Store. It comes in a pack of 4 sheets and has jigsaw edges. One side is textured and the other is smooth. I've seen people create everything from Iron Man armor to Mass Effect Armor and more with this stuff. I usually seal it with several coat of modge podge before painting it with Krylon Fusion.
Nice work !!!
I've been considering Buzz for a little while now and it's nice seeing how you're doing it (and how it looks in EVA foam).

The green paint color seems to be perfect - what are you using exactly ??? (color name (since you're saying you're using Krylon Fusion))

Those ball halves are also freaking awesome (thanks Hamsterstyle for posting the link), they really cheaper than the one I was considering and they'd be the perfect size (well I had figured I needed something along the line of 20'' dia... and the bigger ball halves are 18'' - I can make it work)
I'm just using white gloss Krylon Fusion and a Green Apple Acrylic paint I found at Hobby Lobby. I've run out and have to buy some more soon. The high gloss polyacrylic is what I use to spray on give it it's shine.
Ive been wanting to attempt this cause my 4 year old is crazy about Buzz! Any chance you would be willing to share your rescaled pep?:love

Looking good so far, Im looking forward to seeing the chest piece myself.
Oh sweet! I've been wanting to do a Buzz suit for awhile now, great for charity events and such. Looking forward to seeing it. :)
I'm just using white gloss Krylon Fusion and a Green Apple Acrylic paint I found at Hobby Lobby. I've run out and have to buy some more soon. The high gloss polyacrylic is what I use to spray on give it it's shine.

I actually mananaged to find some Lime Green spraypaint and Blick Art Supplies up here in Seattle. Montana Gold Acrylic is the brand. The paint flows crazy well and is pretty low smell ish.
I've begun my build starting with the extremities. Now I am a little lost as to where to begin with the chest piece. How should I begin to get the right fit for the under rigging??

Have you begun your chest piece yet? I'd live to see some step by step pics if you have...
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