My Builds: The growing of an eclectic collection

Mara Jade's Father

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Here is the new drone.

Left or right: V2, V3

Mara Jade's Father

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Besides the biker scout blaster mod, I have a other things waiting in the wings.

I bought this Dameron blaster on Etsy. Very clean print. Not much of any clean up required.

I found a file for the Princess Bride goblets online. I thought it looked pretty good. I changed the scaling upwards to match the sizing of the real found item. These will be a gift for my daughter.

This is not a project, I bought this comlink finished from Etsy. I have been want to add one to my collection for a while now.
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Mara Jade's Father

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Finally had time an a good day to put the GLIE-44 blaster together. Prettty nice for a 3D kit. Probably could have dealt with the print lines better with a few more coats and sanding off filler primer but I really wanted to get this done. The weathering hides most. Really happy with my paint color choices. I was able to fine some good images where the main body is darker. So I used an aged bronze which looks pretty good. It might be similar to the real prop as I saw in some of the photos I took of my replica that in the right light appears more toward a silver tone.

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