My Batman Begins WIP


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Hey Guys,

just started to build a low cost Batman Costume in Dark Knight Style for
our famous german carnival in Febuary 2012. I went for the Rubies (I know this Word hurts in the ears) Dark Knight costume as Body Suit. First I ripped of a lot of the foam Rubies used to create the "Muscles" on the Chestpiece. In the Arm Sectin I got rid off the batting Rubies put in to make some "nice" bizeps, it looked ridicolous with batting. So I just cut it out. For the Boots I decided that the Gotham 100 will do their job. They fit perfectly and got them for a nice price. The Cowl comes from Rubies. I modified the ears with foam from the inside so they get a little sturdier. Added a Zipper in the Back for easy On/Off and also solved the problem of the wide opening on the back of the cowl with the zipper. The Belt also comes from Rubies-Tech-Department ^^. Sufficient enough for me. The Cape was custom made somewhere in China, got it from Ebay. Its nicely done, with satin lining inside and I was suprised when I unpacked it that it was of such good quality. The Gloves are some cheap Motorbike Gloves also purchased from Ebay. I really got lucky on the Gauntlets! I stumbled over them, when I was searching ebay for some stuff. These are the Combat Gauntlets with shootable spikes. I think they were sold bei Walmart in the past. Made them fit to my arms and they stay in place very well. Rundown of items:

Cowl, Gauntlets and Belt 100€
Rubies Dark knight Bodysuit 40€
Gloves 25€
Gotham 100 Boots 48€
Cape 43€

Here are some Photos, on carnival I will do the eye blackening as well, but for some fast photo shots to much effort^^.


My Wife didnt recognized that the cowl flipped over at the throat



Regards Lars
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Re: My Batman Low Budget Project´*Now Upgrading*

Ok Guys. Now im infected with the Bat-Fever. I decided to go a little more acurate on the Batman costume. I change direction and will go for a Batman Begins Costume. I got myself a nice Bob D Urethane Chest armor together with some Ludakirs Legs, Kneepads. Also a Foam Spine for covering the Zipper on the Back of the Wetsuit im going to use as undersuit. I also catched a nice Cowl on the Bay. It fits well and looks pretty good to me. Only thing is to get in that beauty ^^. I am one of the lucky Ones who could get hands on one of the Capes of inkmonkey together with his incredible acurate cape clips. Hopefully I will recieve it by the end of the month. For Boots I will use the Gotham 100 Supehero Boots I already wear in the upper photos. Still waiting for the Gauntlets too. They were actually hard to find, I went with some I found on the Bay. THe Belt will be the Rubies Adult Costume Belt which Im going to put on a real leather belt to get rid of the original Velcro Closure System. Next step is getting a nice black, not so thick, wetsuit. What do you guys think so far?




Regards Lars


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Re: My Batman (Ex)Low Budget Project´*Now Upgrading*

Update: Recieved the amazing Cape from coofunkcurly and have to say its really really awesome! Incredibly lightwight, flows in the wind beautifully and is extremly black. Standing in the Shadows with the Cape wrapped around the Body and you disappear. Just AWESOME. Gauntlets are sceduled for the next week. Here are some shots of them:



Its getting in the right direction.


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Haha once u get bitten by the bat, it just keeps going till you have the ultimate suit!
I'm the same man and look forward to a full suit up from you!
Great work bro, you might want to pop over to the brotherhood of the bat. This is right up our street!


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Good upgrades if you ask me. love to see pictures of the end results! any progress on the bodysuit so far?

Thanks everybody. Im also excited to see the End Result (Is there an End?). Bodysuit: Unfortunatly no. I saw some nice neoprene Bodysuits, but they were way too expensive to put glue on them. Others were much to thick. Im not quite sure what thickness is best to use. Too thick and I will sweat my a** off in summer, Too thin i guess the armor will be to heavy to stick to the suit. Any advices?

@DIStudios: I already registered at the BotB-Forum. Really great infos to catch there.


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Ok here we are again with a little update. The Begins Gloves arrived by yesterday. Really nice, a little tight but they fit. Took some photos with the Gauntlets on. You may see some color difference between the Gloves and the Gauntlets. Its even more visible with the camera flash. But have a look for yourselves:



Cheers Lars


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Mad dude! Looks mint. Where did you get your eurathane armor
From? Currently trying to do a decent Begins build and love your stuff.

Mr. K

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The urethane armor is a Bob Dullam (doody on the RPF) sculpt ;)

Great work on the costume by the way, it's a huge improvement over your former attempt. Quality parts make all the difference!


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Hey thanks everybody. Yeah it makes a hughe difference to the former costume ^^. Still looking for a nice undersuit, any suggestions?
@Chris: Thanks mate, The Armor is really really great!

Here´s a little update. Yesterday I picked up my new belt at our customs. Its´a urethane Belt with velcro closure system. Fits perfect and looks awesome! Here are some pics and on in comparison with my old Rubies Belt.




I love it. Looks really great and nice colortation!

Regards Lars
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