My Batman Begins template drawings (including missing pieces from the past)


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A couple years ago (um more like 3) I uploaded some templates for the begins suit here, and on the foamies forum. Well, I'm back for a while and wanted to bring the templates together a little better and include some missing pages, plus the arm templates. I'll be adding knees, and the back sometime in the coming months but I wanted to get this out.I'm not charging for these, but if you have it in your mind that you want to pay something for my efforts you can make a donation to my efforts, and bat fund with the paypal link below.

Here's a link to the file.
updated to live here



  • BatmanBegins-archytextural-11-3-11.pdf
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I found the files!!!! My hard drive with the CAD and PDF's shat the bed and I was able to finally recover at least the PDF


  • BatmanBegins-archytextural-11-3-11.pdf
    1.4 MB · Views: 369
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