My Bandai AT-AT


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I shaved off the raised panels and scribed panel lines on the feet. And then I shortened the ankles to look like suspensions are working but only the front right ankle moves.
Thanks for looking!

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I shortened the ankles to look like suspensions are working but only the front right ankle moves.

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Bravo! You are literally the only other modeler I've ever seen make this modification. The foot being two parts is very obvious in the film footage (especially when Luke's snowspeeder gets stomped) but everyone seems to just assume the top and bottom barrels are molded as one piece (even the cross-sections book gets this wrong). nice work!


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Nice. It's the sole thing I dislike about the Bandai kit - not having the feet as two pieces.


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Very clever to show strut compression on the loaded side. Realistic perspective would be appreciated by most, even without being told what you did.


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Thank you, everyone! The modification of the feet is very easy. I just cut them from the sides with a razor saw and hollow out the inside of the feet.


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Excellent build kh39 ... Question did you scribe the lines on the feet parts first using the panels as a template? And how did you remove those panels so neatly? What tool do you use to scribe them lines?



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Thank you! I simply used a box cutter and sand paper. You need to remove and keep the small bits in the center(Flak 38 parts?).


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This looks great, I really like the addition of the snow, well done! The blaster marks are really cool, can you elaborate any on your process? Thanks!


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I first cut off the doors of the hull. If you do this, I recommend you to glue the doors before you paint base color.

And then I sprayed car primer with an airbrush from 30cm away several times. I think it gave a nice rough texture like studio model AT-ATs. The doors should not be glued at this point because if you do that, the doors would be placed in deep places because of the primer.

After the base color I added dirt streaking and blast marks. I used a pencil to draw them and extended with a finger. Stencil didn't work on them for me. As for the snow effect, I used marble powder. I hope it helps!

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