My Assassins / International Man of Mystery Briefcase. Retricked

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Got rained in yesterday so started putting all my movie files together and then realised i needed a proper place to keep them so dug out the old Deckard briefcase. The 007 file got me to thinking of tricking out the case with whatever i had around the house. The fold out folio on the inside of the lid was perfect for slitting down either side. It seemed logical to put some document protector into the sides of the exposed folio, could put ids etc in. Then measured out some different weapons and cut small holes in the lid lining
and spot epoxyed some velcro straps. I guess the pics tell a better story.

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Not much is known about this assassins assassin, only that his company designation is SLUMBER and he is a master of disguise. Only one picture exists of him, on assignment in Las Vagas.....

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Its not the first time i tricked this case out, the first was for a Deckard briefcase, i found on the screencap that the original had a fake lid for an unknown reason so replicated that. Then put a fantasy vid phon inside the extra lid, what else would you do?

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Re: My Assassins Briefcase.........Whats in yours?

Thanks Noeland, i was begining to think that by leaving this picture out, it wouldnt connect with anyone.

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Seriously, plan to play around with this in the future, different weapons etc maybe even a cheap second hand ipad running graphics on a loop. What i would change on this one is moving the silencer and adding a small binoc set up and replacing the denix, heavy, with a resin version. Oh and an ultra thin pair of leather driving gloves. Is there an assassins brand of chioce?
Re: My Assassins Briefcase.........Whats in yours?

That's pretty cool! If I made one, I'd want to build a mechanism that would fire the gun from a switch on the carrying handle.
Re: My Assassins Briefcase.........Whats in yours?

Nice idea, this is more a weekend case though, or maybe they are company issued for each assignment, some sort of self destruct maybe or internal furnace.
Re: My Assassins Briefcase.........Whats in yours?

Is that a denix beretta? Do they come with a tapped barrel, or did you do that yourself?
Re: My Assassins Briefcase.........Whats in yours?

Yep, its just a standard denix. I made the silencer for my P99. Its just some tube, a couple of washers, some matt black decals and a cut and shaped golf tee. Works great.
Re: My Assassins Briefcase.........Whats in yours?

Thats very cool! I like the use of the handcuffs with out the furry covers lol! :angel
Re: My Assassins Briefcase.........Whats in yours?

Thanks guys. Dropped the "whats in yours" as it looks like there isnt any others. Have changed this one around already.
Re: My Assassins Briefcase.

The first effort wasnt bad for an afternoons work but wanted to get this right
so made a special ply backing plate with slots for velcro straps to better secure the toys and sprayed with a hammer finish.

This allows for a strong detachable backing plate that with a metal finish, gives better definition of all the weapons instead of a plain black background.Some cheap additions such as a scratch made set of knuckle dusters a $9 airsoft scope some dummy 9mm slugs and swapped the P99 silencer for the slimmer PPK one.

When i get the resin Baretta, will modify it and the scope so they can be attatched and removed from each other.

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Used a bit of the dogs chain to beef up the cuffs, cheap enough.
If anyone in the Melbourne area sees a three legged, deaf and blind in one eye Jack Russell limping the streets, please call, he answers to the name of Lucky.

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No case love? Not even the wrong way scope? Way to break a hitmans heart.:cry

Keep finding bits and pieces to add, a small, undetectable fast acting meta toxin the used to be part of the SKIN JOB 66`s Leon evidence pack.

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Thanks Steven, its a truckload of fun to play with and despite everything being a replica, it feels kinda "dangerous" to have around, which is cool.
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