My APOLLO A7L LEVA Replica build

Miranda Tempest

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Hello everyone,

I have been on this site for about 5 years now and decided to finally take the plunge on my own Apollo spacesuit build.
This has been a childhood dream of mine and feel I'm in the best place right to tackle such an undertaking.
I have been a costume, prop and model maker for decades and have made costumes for other people, now it's time for something I have always wanted to build for myself.
I have read every forum post regarding other A7L replica builds and there is a plethora of great information and camaraderie on this site, it's amazing!
Iam going for as authentic as possible and want to create a suit on a level that Mr. Nagata, 2story props and a few others have achieved. So, let's get technical,
I am not going to build an under-suit bladder but trying and retain that outside shape of being pressurized. I will be convolutes to the shoulders, elbows, wrist and knee areas. This needs to be kept somewhat light to wear for cons and other events, lol.

My 2 space heroes have always been Buzz Aldrin and Alan Shepard and have decided to go with Alan Shepards APOLLO 14 A7L. I'm excited to see where this endeavor takes me and all the new things I'll learn about these awesome spacesuits.



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