My AoU Captain America Overhaul (cosplaysky base)


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Hey guys and gals! I recently purchased the cosplaysky AoU Cap suit and while it's a very good base it needs A LOT of work to be up to par lol...

I've started the process of altering the jacket with help from a friend of mine. We're removing the arms and attaching them to an athletic shirt to separate them from the main body. This should DRASTICALLY increase mobility.

I also modeled the arm and hand magnets (my first time ever modeling something)
uploadfromtaptalk1439768129072.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1439768164836.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1439768241155.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1439768312552.jpg

And lastly my new belt is in progress! I patterned it out based on the size of Kevin Gossett buckle.
uploadfromtaptalk1439768424213.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1439768485739.jpg

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