My Antman costume

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    Please let me share my ant-man costume.
    I wanna thank Dali dan Jung Industries, for inspiring me.

    Here is the helmet, and the suit made from standard black fabric jumpsuit, with texture mats that hand sewn to the suit.
    I tried glue, but it fell off.
    I didn't have time to finish the shoulder and arm pipes, as well as the legs.


    Here is closer look at the belt and gauntlet. I glued the gloves to the forearm. I placed a red switch on both gloves too.


    and I just had an awesome day.

    Thank you, hope you like it
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  2. exo95er

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    The black jumpsuit turned out pretty well! Looks great!
  3. Jeffrey Ack

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    Looking good:thumbsup
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    Looks good. Currently making mine as well!

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