My alternative Temple of Doom display


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I wanted to do something a bit different for The UK Prop Party at the NEC. So I pushed ahead with a project I've had in mind for some time. We keep a a large collection of invertebrates, including several species that were used in the secret passage scene in ToD. My plan was to create a display showcasing those insects, as well as the statue that hides the hidden entrance.

I carved stone panels to go inside a glass vivarium from insulation foam, including one with the wedge-shaped hole that accesses the key to the 'spikes' room. I coated them with PVA and painted them with acrylics.

I sculpted the statue in WED clay on a curved plywood structure, made a silicone mould and cast it in fibreglass. It was pretty tight - I finished the paint job about two hours before I had to pack it into the car to leave for the show! There are more details and pictures here if you're interested: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Statue Replica

Here's the clay sculpt:

This is the remains of the sculpt, the cast fibreglass piece and the silicone mould:

Here's the finished piece on display at the Prop Party:


Dr Jones on hand to try out the statue...

A look inside the insect display. In real life, insects need to eat, so I had to hide a lot of my stone-work behind leaves for them.

The real stars. Incidentally, despite the sequence being set in India, these guys are from actually Australia, New Guinea and Madagascar.



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Oh man, that statue is PERFECT. What a neat idea man, really great. As OP said, it's always fun to see something that hasn't been done before.

Adam C.

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Awesome! After seeing your pictures, I suggested to my wife that maybe we should try to incorporate a statue like yours as a possible ''secret entrance'' to our future home theater! She said no. (I really liked it though!) :):thumbsup
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