My All New X-Men: Jean Grey W.I.P


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So I just received my dye sublimation suit from Frontier Costuming the other day and I can't wait to put it together - I'm a little nervous as it is my first dye sub suit. I was given sewing instructions but there is that still underlying fear of it being irreplaceable (without having to pay money!)

Anyway, I thought I would get some opinions a well as show my progress - my first costume and my first post on the RPF.

All New X-Men Jean Grey 1 .JPGAll New X-Men Jean Grey 2.JPG

I'm wondering if I could add texture and a layered effect by interfacing (bi Stretch interfacing) another fabric to certain parts i.e. the black parts. Any thoughts? I was also thinking of putting a thin layer of foam cushion under the the light green parts on the side and back of the calf to create a puff/armored effect. I would then sew in the black lines in between each detail to sort of make a tufted, puffy effect.

Has anybody used interfacing on lycra? I've seen some Batman Dye Sub suits with the foam armor - something similar to that.


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Having a bit of trouble putting things together. Any advice about sewing it together especially in the shoulders and arms area would be greatly appreciated.

Pinning and trimming the fat.



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Hi. It's awesome that you doing ANXM Jean since nobody cosplayed that yet. But dye sub suits are hard to sew together with many ppl including myself when I put together Phoenix dye sub for a female friend. I found the pic of the template (san the mask part) on the bottom to show where all the pieces goes together. Hopes this helps & feel free to ask more question that you have.



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So it has been a while!

I have finally constructed the suit. It was by far the hardest thing I've ever worked on. Spandex/Lycra to me is a hellish fabric and if possible I'll never have to work with it again. I was lucky that a friend had introduced me to Haus Page, a seamstress that specialises in Spider-Man Dye sublimation suits!

It took me forever just to get the shoulders attached. UGH!

Anyway, here is the final product. Please excuse the poor lighting. You get the idea from the images. :)
I'll be adding basic shoe soles to the bottom to protect the fabric, of course. Using E6000 Adhesive with a gel insert tucked into the suit leg. 11913570_10153575435492090_2101022209_n.jpg11911069_10153575435722090_2134914437_n.jpg

Time Displaced Jean Grey - All New X-Men

Yay! For being finished.

Thanks to Ryan Jenkyns at Frontier Costuming, for the amazing Design and Print!

11903896_10153578866112090_1083077250258577397_n.jpgA better image...less warmth.
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Thanks for the replies and suggestions. I really appreciate the tips and advice.

I can sew with all types of fabrics...just not Lycra/Spandex!


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Look out, I have a bit of a thing for redheads!!! :p

That aside, that's a pretty challenging costume material to work with. Give me steel any day! Good job and well done.



WOW ! you look just like the comic book! It's great to see someone who looks like the character and goes all out to make it !