My adVintage Fedora "Junior" Indiana Jones Fedora In the "Raiders" Bash

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    For as long as I can remember I always loved Indiana Jones. When I was a kid growing up in the 90's I had only one of the Indy films on VHS, Raiders of the Lost Ark. I loved that film! I could never get enough of it, I would watch it when ever I could, and one big thing that stuck out to me was of course, Indy's fedora. I was in love with the shape and build of it, and I can remember wanting it so badly, so one day (In 2007) while at Disney I bought a "Official" Indy fedora made by Dorfman Pacific. I loved that thing to death and wore it all the time, and still have it to this day to be honest. But the older I got and the more into films I became the more I began to notice the large inaccuracies of my Dorfman, lucky my father had given me his OLD Bollman Hat Company "Lost Ark" Fedora about a year after I got the Dorfman.
    At first due to it's discoloration I was confused by it being called an "Official" Indy Fedora. I thought it came in it's now light tan color, but in reality it had just been loved near death by my Dad. So for a long time I didn't wear it, until about last year, I took it out of my closet, dusted it off, snapped the brim into a better shape (The brim was laid on a flat surface A.K.A my closet shelf, by a young me, oh if only I understood Fedoras then as I do now. Oh well you live and you learn. Anyhow I digress) and began to wear it, and through wearing The Bollman often, I really fell in love with it. I should state at this point that in my Junior High to High School years I was know as "Indy" because I wore the Dorfman Fedora so much, but anyway, as I wore the Bollman "Lost Ark" my nickname came back full force and it made me happy to hear that nickname again. So I wore the Fedora with all my attire (Which are suits. I love three piece suits) and I got "Indy!" or "Doctor Jones!" every which way. So when my 20th birthday rolled around this year I decide to find a new, and more proper Indy fedora to my every day wear, along with my prop collection. I searched high and low. Now I am aware of Pennman Hat Co, and Adventurebilt and I love them both but I don't have the cash to buy them yet. So on one of my long YouTube binges where I watch many great collectors including Adam Savage talk about their collections I came across this German YouTuber showing his original Herbert Johnson that had been blocked into the Raiders bash.
    I was stunned at the work that went into it, it looked amazing, lucky for me the guy put a link to a company called "adVingtage Fedora" and here is were I found my Fedora. adVingtage is a German company that specialize in Indy Fedoras, I looked through the whole site loving what I saw, and then I came across "The Junior" It was their Cheapest Fedora, made from 100% Rabbit Fur Felt. "YES!" I thought "Exactly like the film ones!" and how much was it? 60 Euros, "Sweet!" But here's the slight catch, to ship to the states it's about 33$ so that's 80$ overall but the price is worth it. My Father told me he wanted to get it for me to make my 20th Birthday special, and it did in all honesty. It took 3 months to get here, but not because of it being made, no, it's due to some miscommunication here and there but it's here now and being loved very much.

    The Junior comes in five different styles, Open Crowned, Raiders, Temple, Crusade, and Kingdom. Now on the sight they makers give this fedora a medium rating, but to me it's fantastic! The felt quality is great, the lining (Which is optional) is comfortable along with the leather sweatband (which is goat leather I believe) Note this is not 100% Screen Accurate, but it's for the casual fan, or the staring out Indy collector so if you want a "Raiders Turn" you may have to do it yourself if you have the skill. However, I love the Fedora very much and they sell a wide verity if you don't want the Junior, again its more of a starting Fedora for fans and collectors until they can afford the Pennman or Adventurebilt. (Also the weather resistances,mainly rain, is not the best, rabbit felt has a tendency to slightly shrink when drenched in water, a few little rain drops here and there, you're fine, but don't got swinging into rivers or walking through waterfalls, or walking in intense rain, or else your hat will shrink, you can fix that from happening, just look it up on YouTube or Hat sites they'll help you out in that department) Their High Quality Fedora's are very beautiful though! If you want the fedora to look like one from a specific scene from one of the four films they will happy do that for you! They also sell Indy gear, fedora accessories, Herbert Johnson Fedoras on whole sale, along with much more. I give This fedora and adVingtage a 10 out of 10. They're fantastic and deserve some love. Please check them out for your selves.

    If You'd like to see me talk about this fedora a bit more here's my youtube video of me doing so.
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    My first fedora was one from the South Seas traders in Disney, CA. back in 2000, I was 12 yo; Right now that i'm starting my collection I was thinking of buying a Herbert Johnson directly from their page or a Henry from Adventurebilt, but it seems the ones on AdVintage are the way to go for price and Quality.
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    Herbert J, Adventurebilt, and adVintage are all fantastic places to get the Indy Fedora. I Have read and seen many amazing examples of the first two, as for adVintage, for the price, quality, shipping time, and great customer service, they're defiantly high on my list. I highly recommended them. Also sorry for the really late reply. ~ Cheers, Nathan
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