My adventure with Batman armor and wonder woman BvsS- hits and misses

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    here photos of my armor process , made in 1cm foam and 4mm - automotive paint and varnish, made ​​without Pepakura still going to reform some things I did not like , I hope that helps those interested to do
    the helmet and weapons were made in fiberglass- was a working five days doing the Batman armor along with Wonder Woman for my girlfriend

    the process
    011.jpg 09.jpg 010.jpg 013.jpg
    after the test and several mistakes - remake

    a5.jpg a2b.jpg a7.jpg a8.jpg a11.jpg a15.jpg

    wonder woman-
    m2.jpg m3.jpg m4.jpg m5.jpg m6.jpg m8.jpg m10.jpg m11.jpg

    z4.jpg z5.jpg z3.jpg z1.jpg z8.jpg z2.jpg

    and video 0:50

    thank you all :lol

    note: I lost the contest for my girlfriend:facepalm
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    Both look really good :thumbsup
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    TOTALLY AWESOME work dude!

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