My 89' suit progress (nothing you haven't seen)


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Ok so although I know all of you guys have seen this before,I figured id share my build process threw the stages.So far I have collected a cowl from coofunkcurly, armor(chest, legs, knees, fore arms and calves) and belt from drftfan, gloves from dark wear with glove armor from pj wares and an emblem from stacyprops.on the way I have a liquid leather under suit from spandex man that I should be receiving this week .The only two things left are the cape and boots. For the cape I'm definitely going latex, most likely Paul's and for the boots I might just go ud replicas since they look so good and just are generally a convenient option. As for a little about me, I'm a 26 year old union electrician apprentice who just had always had a love for batman, costuming and the whole movie/comic/ costume prop scene. My goal is to have a pretty Damn accurate suit(since I can now finally done what afford it lol) to wear on Halloween and then just have on display with all my other stuff.
Now enough with all the dialogue, on to the pictures.

First the cowl

Stacyprops emblem

Dark wear gloves

Drftfan legs with knew caps

Calves and fore arms

And lastly some pics of the duct tape dummy and stand I put together with some armor and the belt thrown on to see how it will look.

That's it for now, will definitely update once the under suit comes and I start to mount although I'm thinking I might have to wait until I get the cape to do it? Any insight or comments welcome.Thanks fellas.


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Laid it in with the under suit on..what you guys think.any comments out suggestions welcome.

Where should the back portion of the armour be lined up , and also where should the legs be ?

Also the urethane belt is big on me what would you guys suggest I do since the straps are maxed out and molded into the belt? I'm only about a size 31 waist.



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Ok so just a brief update for any one who's interested.
I plan on putting the under suit on, putting on the armour and having my gf outline everything in the seamstress chalk. I will then remove every thing ands slip the under suit onto the duct tape dummy and mount the armour on that way. I want to do this just for the simple fact I'd rather be the applying the glue ands what not ands already if mistakes are made I can only blame myself.Let me know what you guys think if this idea.


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How are you holding the armor together? I have seen velcro and buckles, I wouldn't be opposed to adding buckles but unsure how with latex.


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Ok well I'm officially done mounting the suit ands it came out perfect except for one little miss happen which I'll show beetle that's getting me so angry.

And then one taking out of of the stupid duct tape dummy I see this. Probably from stress/weight or actually now to think of it, pulling it off of the plastic wrap while on my body to hard to start a little something. Is there anything I can do?I tried to add a very small admit I'd glue but I don't know ,I just don't want it to get huge and
have to remount. So questions...

1.) What should I do about the minor tip on the waist line of the leg armor on the spandex man undersuit?

2.) How do you store/fold the suit?

What is a good mannequin (affordable)
You display the suit on?

4.)-I have the dark wear 89 gloves in medium , and they are a very high grade of leather if any one wasn't question is...Is there a way to attach them a tad to be able to slip over my fore arm armour that's already mounted to my suit? Their a but snug ands was wondering if you could well I could do that?
Thanks guys again for the help..
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